Clinical Case Webinars

Monthly case-based discussions providing a continuing learning environment on clinical matters related to prescribing methadone or buprenorphine pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence.

Next Webinar date: 25th October 2022

Topic: TBC

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Previous webinars

This months webinar was on OAT takeaway connundrums was facilitated by: Prof Paul Haber, Dr Sharon Reid, Mr Daniel Winter. It was recorded on 06/09/2022.


In this webinar, we discuss the clinical conundrums to consider around providing takeaways to a patient on OAT. What are the risks and benefits of providing takeaways? What should you do if you need to consider going outside the guidance for takeaways? We also ask the audience what their experiences have been in providing takeaways to patients, or what challenges that they have faced in their clinical practice.