Nurse Practitioners Applying for Accreditation

Nurse practitioners with relevant workplace scope can apply for accreditation to prescribe opioid pharmacotherapies for opioid dependence after completing the OTAC and undertaking a clinical placement. Applications for accreditation are considered by the Opioid Pharmacotherapy Subcommittee (OPS) approximately every six weeks.

This page overviews how to complete a clinical placement and to apply for accreditation in NSW, including those with lapsed or interstate accreditation.

How to complete a clinical placement and apply for accreditation?

Upon completing of the OTAC, nurse practitioners with a scope of practice to prescribe opioid treatment pharmacotherapies can complete a clinical placement with a placement supervisor or ongoing mentor. Your supervisor will assess you based on your performance at the placement and provide a recommendation for accreditation. This forms the final step as part of your application to for accreditation to prescribe opioid pharmacotherapies in NSW.

As of August 2023, the clinical placement and application for accreditation forms are now completed online via an online portal. Prior to accessing the portal you must:

  1. Complete the Opioid Treatment Accreditation Course, including successful completion of the multiple choice examination.
  2. Contact a suitable clinical placement supervisor, and have in principle agreement that they will provide undertake a clinical placement with you. Within the form you must include the details of the supervisor. Please contact us if you require assistance with finding a local supervisor, or alternatively you can refer to the below guidance for who is typically an appropriate supervisor.
  3. A Completed and Signed Scope of Practice that includes alcohol and other drug, particularly opioid agonist treatment, within the service and parameters of practice. NSW Health provides a template scope of practice for those in public settings. Those in private settings can also use this template as a basis for a scope of practice.
  4. Access the portal below to complete the Accreditation Application, which requires a recent CV, including any relevant drug and alcohol training, and your letter of completion for the OTAC. If you cannot locate your letter of completion, please contact us.

Clinical Placement Review Form

During your clinical placement, your supevisor will use this form as as a review guide to assess your practical the competencies as part of the accreditation process. This form can be downloaded for use on the day of your placement.

Who can be a Clinical Placement Supervisor or Mentor?

As a general rule, the following health professionals are deemed appropriate supervisors:

  • Addiction medicine specialist (that is, a medical practitioner who is a member of the RACP Chapter of Addiction Medicine)
  • Addiction psychiatry specialist (that is, a medical practitioner who is a member of RANZCP Faculty of Addiction Psychiatry)
  • Another experienced prescriber of opioid agonist treatment (e.g., general practitioner specialist) may be appropriate as a supervisor. We recommend you contact us to confirm if they are appropriate before undertaking a placement.
  • An experienced nurse practitioner in a drug and alcohol setting who prescribes opioid agonist treatment may be appropriate as a supervisor. We recommend you contact us to confirm if they are appropriate before undertaking a placement.
  • In regional and remote areas, other options for clinical placements can be considered, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss these options.

What happens after my clinical placement?

After the clinical placement supervisor has submitted their assessment of your clinical placement, your application will be allocated to the next session of the NSW Ministry of Health Opioid Pharmacotherapy Subcommittee (OPS). In most cases you will not need to do anything further, however the OPS Secretariat may follow-up with additional questions.

To ensure your application is considered at an upcoming OPS meeting, your placement assessment must be submitted  at least 10 days prior to the following committee dates:

OPS Committee Dates for 2024 
OPS Meeting date Applications due by
22 February 2024 COB 14 February 2024
4 April 2024 COB 27 March 2024
16 May 2024 COB 8 May 2024
27 June 2024 COB 19 June 2024
8 August 2024 COB 31 July 2024
26 September 2024 COB 18 September 2024
31 October 2024 COB 23 October 2024
12 December 2024 COB 4 December 2024


You will receive the outcome of your application approximately fourteen (14) business days after the committee meeting date. If your application is urgent and you believe needs to be considered out of session, contact us.

Once accredited, your placement supervisor and your local drug and alcohol service can provide you with ongoing advice and support for providing patient care. You can contact us to facilitate linkage with your local drug and alcohol service.

    Lapsed or Interstate Accredited Prescribers

    Application for accredited prescribers of opioid pharmacotherapies in a state or territory of Australia besides NSW or previously accredited prescriber whose accreditation to prescribe in NSW has lapsed.

    Please complete the Application for Lapsed or Interstate Accredited Prescribers of Opioid Pharmacotherapies.