Application for Authority to Prescribe Under Supervision

If you are a current registrar in a public alcohol and drug treatment setting you can apply for authority to prescribe opioid pharmacotherapies under supervision within your workplace, and prior to applying for accreditation as a medical practitioner.

Medical practitioners in NSW who are about to commence or have recently commenced in a drug and alcohol registrar capacity at a public drug and alcohol service; and are seeking to apply for authorisation to prescribe opioid pharmacotherapies for the treatment of opioid dependence whilst under supervision at a public drug and alcohol service are encouraged to apply for accreditation by completing the 5A form. If you are a registrar no longer under supervision, please see the “medical practitioner and nurse practitioner” section.

If approved, this application will allow the applicant to prescribe opioid pharmacotherapies for up to 125 patients while under supervised training.


How to apply: 

To apply please follow the link to the 5A form and fill in the relevant information. Once you have completed the form, your supervisors will be notified.

You will need:

  • Current curriculum vitae (CV)
  • AHPRA number (search the AHPRA website here)
  • details of your supervisors (up to 3)
  • details of the local health districts/clinics (up to 3)