Expression of Interest – December 2021 OTAC Webinar
We are currently seeking an expression of interest (EOI) from prescribers regarding a December 2021 OTAC webinar session. If interested, refer to the EOI form for potential dates and to submit your interest.


Impact of COVID-19 on the OTAC, Placements & Accreditation
Due to the current COIVD-19 restrictions in NSW, webinar sessions of the OTAC will be held in place of any face-to-face sessions. Please contact us for further details of the course dates. Alternatively, you can complete the online version of the OTAC, which will be automatically available on your account once you complete the Fundamentals Training in Opioid Treatment module.

For more information on placement and accreditation changes during this time, see the placements and accreditation page.

Training Courses

The University of Sydney provides free courses to train health professionals on behalf of the NSW Ministry of Health. The courses assist in the development of knowledge, skills, and practices to support the safe prescribing of opioid pharmacotherapies for the treatment of opioid dependence.

Courses can be accessed by logging into the course portal.

Fundamentals Training in Opioid Treatment

An introductory module for health professionals interested in learning more about the of core concepts of NSW Opioid Treatment Program and the safe prescribing of opioid pharmacotherapies. Completion of this course is also for those considering to enrol in the the Opioid Treatment Accreditation Course (OTAC).

Opioid Treatment Accreditation Course (OTAC)

A comprehensive course on opioid treatment, facilitated by addiction medicine specialists. Aligning with the NSW Clinical Guidelines: Treatment of Opioid Dependence, the OTAC allows medical and nurse practitioners to become an accredited prescriber of opioid pharmacotherapies in NSW.

Driving Safety: Sedating Medications & OAT

A online short course for health professionals caring for patients who receive opioid agonist treatment (OAT). Explore the potential impact of treatments and other factors on driving safety. Plus learn about short and long-term fitness to drive, with a focus on sedating medications and OAT.

Treatment of Opioid Dependence with Depot Buprenorphine

Depot buprenorphine is a new pharmacotherapy that represents a significant development in the model of care for patients with opioid dependence. This short course is designed to support prescribers, and other health professionals, in NSW in providing this treatment in a safe and effective manner.